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Walk Open Edition Print

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Walk Open Edition Print

Regular price$35.00 Sale price
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“Turtle: Stay loose, Haole
Rick: What's a Haole?
Turtle: A tourist, a mainlander, like you.
Rick: I'm not a tourist.
Turtle: Whatever, Barney.
Rick: What's a Barney?
Turtle: It's like Barno... Barnyard... a haole to the max, a kook in and out of the water. Yeah?

One of the highlights of my time working with Jim Russi on the North Shore was sitting and watching the Pipe Masters with John Philbin. Legend.

The image takes up the entire print area with no border. Available in two sizes:

  • 10"x8"
  • 18"x12"
Walk Open Edition Print framed and hung

More Info

175 gsm paper

Printed on premium matted artist-grade paper

Giclee printed with archival, acid-free pigment based inks

Rolled in a tube. Multiple posters include a thin layer of protective packing foam in between each poster. Up to 6 are shipped together.

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